InteliHealth Consulting | Thought Leadership and Insights in Healthcare
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We deliver transformative

HealthCare Consulting

Future Forecasting!
With expertise across a wide spectrum of healthcare channels, we provide future knowledge and insight to existing and emerging industry leaders.

Market Intelligence

Intelligence Products and Reports!
Our carefully researched products give you the trusted data needed to thoroughly assess key markets and segments and to identify opportunities for future growth.

Brand Strategy

It All Starts With Brand!
Well executed brand strategies clarify who you are and what your value is. It is the best you can do. Your brand is at the core of everything your company does.

InteliHealth provides expertise across a wide spectrum of healthcare channels by leveraging its specific know how in healthcare, technology, and brand strategy. By focusing on future knowledge and insight for existing and emerging industry market leaders, InteliHealth assists healthcare related organizations reach farther, faster.


Bigger Thinking

We seamlessly merge healthcare knowledge, future tech, and brand strategy to generate superior results.

The Team Counts

Specialists from across the Healthcare and Tech industries combine to provide the best possible perspective.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics and business intelligence tools are the foundation of our insights and forecasts.

We Listen

Communication! How else can we fully understand you, your team, and your company's unique needs.


Get the insights, strategies, and market dominance you deserve.




Transformation across all channels is being implemented and widely adopted. Demands for greater transparency of cost and care, greater consumer influence and demands for security and regulatory compliance are driving new technology and logistic requirements.


Conflicting processes are overlapping and causing substantial confusion in the marketplace. Without superior understanding and insight, many companies are making catastrophic choices that won’t be visible until it is to late. The intensity and impact facing healthcare decision makers is overwhelming. It is easy to understand why most health systems, device and application providers, hospitals, physician groups, and insurers are ill equipped to make the choices to gain a long-term edge.


At InteliHealth, our consultants have the knowledge and insight to ensure healthcare organizations successfully evolve and adapt. As a strategic partner, we turn these nuanced complexities into opportunities that drive differentiation, immediate gains and long-term success. Accomplishing complex goals through crystallized strategies gives you the advantage both today and for tomorrow.


InteliHealth is a collective of current market experts with a long history of excellence solving strategic, organizational, operational, and branding challenges for healthcare industry leaders.

Find out how leveraging InteliHealth’s trinity of Healthcare, Technology, and Brand Strategy expertise moves you ahead of the pack.


ONE: 3D Printed Drugs Stereolithography, or 3D printing, can create almost anything. By fusing layers one at a time, 3D printers can combine different materials into complex components with specific characteristics. Healthcare has taken a special interest in the opportunities for highly customized durable goods, equipment, live tissue, and delivery vehicles.Personalized medicine is

The Future of Healthcare Podcast Nathan, Tim, and Bernie have a free form discussion on the Amazon healthcare announcement, Apple’s new EHR, and how Anthem is demanding people to take control of their healthcare decisions.

Times Square is a cacophony of branding. So many lights, signs, moving images. So much noise and confusion. How much time does one company really have to get their message across? Companies visually crawling over each other in a competition for recognition and remembrance. Seems crazy. Is crazy!We all live in times Square. The