InteliHealth Consulting | Healthcare BI, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, AI
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Actionable Insights.


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Most BI is just BS. Seminars, webinars, summits, and SaaS. BI is the business world’s version of fad diets. Everyone is selling a solution, and none of it works without key understanding and insight. True masters of business intelligence have a deep understanding of their tools, content, objectives, and target audience. They are equal parts mad scientist, visionary, and graphic designer.


Fortunately for you, our skill in data wrangling creates intelligence tools that are uniquely designed for you and your team. With all the right filters, graphs, charts, and variables, you will quickly identify the trends and indicators that turn into ROI. We can create embedded, standalone, or cloud BI products specifically suited for internal, prospect, or market distribution.


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The Future Belongs To Those Who See It Today! InteliHealth’s thought leaders use techniques like data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze the past present and future. By triangulating the collected data, key insights are formulated, tested, and ultimately acted upon. We identify both the risks and benefits available to you that empower your company and enrich your future.


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Understand Trends Where Most Only See Data. Everyone these days has “Big Data”. Trendy to talk about but without the right tools and insight on how to use them, data is just 1’s and 0’s. Those who obtain this ability rise quickly as industry influencers.
By partnering with InteliHealth, you can gain the trust and recognition in your industry and play a key role in shaping its future.

Get the insights, strategies, and market dominance you deserve.